From Seed to Sale: Everything You Need to Know About High-Quality Cannabis Extracts

After several changes regarding legalization within the U.S. and Canada, the industry for cannabis and its byproducts is growing rapidly. Despite this growth, there’s still a lack of education and research surrounding the different products and their potential uses for health, wellness, beauty, and more.

Understanding the Differences Between Full-Spectrum and Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extracts

Thanks to its versatility and the interest in its primary component (i.e., CBD), the hemp extract market is booming. With that added attention, however, come questions about the two most common extracts: full-spectrum and broad-spectrum.

For example, how do full-spectrum and broad-spectrum extracts differ? And what makes one option more preferable than the other? Before deciding which to include in your products, let’s try to answer these questions.

Transparency and Hemp Extraction: Why You Need to Know the Source of the CBD in Your Materials

Before partnering with any hemp extractor, it’s important to take a step back and examine its processes and ingredients critically.

After all, you’ll want to partner with a brand that is transparent about where its ingredients come from, whether those ingredients are produced sustainably, etc. The best way to determine this? Look at traceability, which allows you to assess quality control by tracing a product back to its source.

Canada marks one year of legalized cannabis

Canada marks one year of legalized cannabis

This time last year, Canada became the second country in the world to legalize recreational cannabis. While the industry has had a few missteps; supply shortages and lagging store openings due to licensing approval delays, cannabis has emerged as a massive growth driver, contributing more than $8.26 billion to Canada’s economy and adding 9,200 jobs. And we anticipate continued growth for the industry as consumers demand natural and effective plant-based products.

A Plant-Based Transformation

I’ve now been with Neptune Wellness a little more than two months, and in this time, I’ve become more convinced that we are on the edge of a plant-based transformation. Changing consumer preferences, the rapid acceptance of cannabis and a desire for natural products that actually work is going to drive demand for not only cannabis, but all manner of alternative products.

Licaps, an optimal delivery system for cannabis

Discreet, customized and simple to consume, Licaps® are an optimal delivery system for cannabis

For cannabis consumers, the ability to dose accurately and effectively is of paramount importance. Among the many delivery options available to consumers, cannabis capsules stand out for their customizable and standardized dosing, ease and discretion of consuming, and portability.