Our Extracts

Our Sugarleaf facility is a leader in quality and efficiency. We take pride in maximizing the yield from the raw materials that we process and only start with the best, tested ingredients.

We can process hemp flower, milled product or pelletized material into custom extracts and oils–all with no upfront cost.

Before any hemp is processed, our team tests it for molds, pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants. Only the purest hemp makes it to extraction, and our final extracts are tested once again for purity.


Crude oil is unwinterized and non-activated hemp extract which is meant for further refinement into another medium of oil. It is an effective medium to store oil until final refinement is decided.

Full Spectrum Extract (FSE)  

This hemp extract is winterized, polished and activated. CBD content makes up 60-70% of the full spectrum extract with other cannabinoids and terpenes making up for the rest of the extract. You will often hear the industry refer to the “entourage effect” which is an increased harmonious effect of all the minor and major cannabinoids together. Final form products with full spectrum extracts are good for tinctures, soft gels and capsules

Full spectrum
Broad Spectrum Distillate 

Distillate is a more refined FSE with a higher concentration of CBD usually 70-80% with less cannabinoids and terpenes making up for the rest of the extract. This medium of oil is often used for applications of topicals, balms, and edible products.

Broad spectrum
Titrated Oils

Sugarleaf Labs titrated oils are a perfect solution for formulating new products. Our oils are blended with carrier oil to a dosing rate of 2,000 mg per oz, this insures THC levels < 0.3%. All shipments include a Certificate of Analysis (COA) from 3rd party lab insuring both safe, clean products and accurate dosing. Full spectrum and broad-spectrum oils provide many cannabinoids CBD isolate does not, these oils produce a superior product and more lasting effect than CBD isolate product.


Our bulk CBD oil is available for purchase in raw or titrated forms at various quantities. We can also do custom formulated orders to match your end-user product configuration. Contact us to receive pricing based on requested quantities.