Neptune Ventures

Neptune Ventures expands shareholder value and pipeline opportunities as a strategic investment arm and technology incubator. We actively invest in emerging and innovative companies, helping them to scale globally and grow into new markets while creating new brands, technologies and business models to drive the industry. In short, Neptune Ventures creates value for shareholders by disrupting the status quo.

As a leading cannabis company, we are looking to redefine health and wellness and meet consumer demand for high-quality, environmentally friendly alternative products. Neptune Ventures helps us get closer to the consumer by supporting our customers’ growth and our own growth into the consumer market.

Investment Focus

We actively work to define and develop product strategy with a focus on building shareholder value. As innovators that drive advances in health and wellness, we seek investment and joint venture opportunities with North American and global companies at all stages of development, particularly companies with IP and technologies that are paving the way for the future of cannabis.

We are true partners beyond simply a capital investment, working alongside our partners and customers to innovate, develop and grow.

Strategic Road Map

We are standing on the edge of a dramatic shift in consumer adoption and preference for CBD and hemp, and Neptune is poised to capitalize on this rising demand. Neptune’s extraction expertise and biopharmaceutical background are the right foundation to transform the cannabis ecosystem while uncovering new uses for the plant. With hires made and new production specialists in place, Neptune is poised to redefine health and wellness, bringing the highest quality products to the market. Neptune Ventures is our vehicle to invest in brands, technologies and customers that support this mission.

Ideas Welcome

We are always cultivating partnership opportunities and stay open to innovative ideas that transform wellness and the consumer experience. We look for companies whose values match our own for innovation, quality, transparency, sustainability and partnership.

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