Meet Neptune’s Tina Sampalis, M.D., Ph.D.



Krill Oil Pioneer Discovered Phospholipid Composition


Dr. Tina Sampalis may be one of the most significant people in the krill oil business. Working as Neptune’s Chief Scientific Officer 15 years ago, she discovered one of the primary reasons krill oil is so beneficial to human health: Phospholipids. It’s the phospholipids that help deliver the omega-3 fatty acids (EPA, DHA) with a higher absorption rate than fish oil — which is made of triglycerides.


If there were a hall of fame for the industry, Tina would be one of the first inductees as a pioneer, innovator, and catalyst who participated in bringing krill oil to the market.


In those early years, Tina said she remembers walking the aisles of industry trade shows carrying her bottle of “red oil” and “telling the world” about krill oil.


“Some people thought I was crazy, I think,” said Tina, who has authored or co-authored numerous studies during her career in medicine (see below for Tina’s complete bio). “But now, it’s fun for me to go to a trade show and see all the krill oil in the industry, and knowing I was a catalyst for the industry. We must have done something right.”


Today, Tina serves as Medical Science Liaison, looking for future market opportunities, product innovations, and ways Neptune can continue leading the industry.


“I’m working more on the future than the present,” said Tina, who resides in Laval, Canada with her husband of seven years and five-year-old son. “I strategize where we should be, what are the right partners we need, what patents we need, and what products we need.”


Tina explained that Neptune’s future is as exciting as it has ever been. “Neptune is an innovator, and I believe we will surprise the world again with another top-quality innovation that we can substantiate with good science,” she said.


Tina says she loves her role serving as a medical liaison to the sales & marketing team. This allows her to use all her medical, science and intellectual property background to keep Neptune at the forefront of scientific innovations.


“I’ve studied around the world, and done a lot of things, but I’m always excited about the challenge of starting something new,” Tina said.





TinaSampalisTina Sampalis, M.D., Ph.D., joined Neptune Technologies and Bioressources, Inc. in 2000 and holds the position of Medical Science Liason. Dr. Sampalis is an oncology surgeon trained in physiology at McGill University, medicine at the University of Patras (Greece), dermatology at Göttingen University (Germany) and Marselisborg University (Denmark), pediatric, general and oncology surgery at the University of Athens (Greece), graduate training (Ph.D.) in Surgical Research at the University of Athens and a second Ph.D. in Epidemiology and Experimental Surgery at McGill University. She has received several international scholarships and awards for her work on the clinical implementation of retinols for skin and breast cancer, including the Helen Hutchison Award for geriatric medicine. Her work on scintimammography resulted in her appointment at the International Educational Speakers Bureau, the Canadian and U.S. Faculty of Medical Speakers for Breast Imaging. As an international scholar she leads the development and implementation of innovative micro-invasive and stereotactic robotic surgical techniques for breast cancer, for which a U.S. and Canadian patent application has been filed. She is a member of the American Association of Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Sampalis has published papers in multiple peer-reviewed publications. She was recently named one of the 10 most successful women in Quebec (Les Affaires, 18-24 September 2010) and one of the 100 most successful globally by the Princeton Global Network.


Dr. Sampalis joined Neptune Technologies & Bioressources, shortly after the foundation of the company, in 1999. With her work during the last 15 years she discovered one of the primary reasons krill oil is so beneficial to human health: Phospholipids. Dr. Sampalis is the named inventor of Neptune’s composition and application patents. . As the former President of Acasti Pharma Inc. she leads the development of a novel patented active pharmaceutical ingredient targeting the prevention and treatment of hypertriglyceridemia and cardiometabolic disorders.