Board of Directors

John Moretz
Chairman of the Board and Director

Mr. Moretz currently serves as Chief Executive Officer and President of Moretz Marketing, LLC, and is Managing Director of Kathy Ireland, LLC. In addition, he is the Managing Director of various real estate entities, including LaMoe, LLC, and Moretz Mills, LLC. Mr. Moretz spent 39 years in the textile industry building and marketing numerous consumer brands. He served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Gold Toe Moretz Holdings Corp. and its subsidiaries prior to its acquisition by Gildan Activewear Inc. in 2012. In 1987 Mr. Moretz founded Moretz Marketing to create and manage lifestyle brands licensing opportunities. He serves on the following boards: Neptune Wellness Solutions, LED Technologies, Blowing Rock Brewery, and McCubbin Hosiery, LLC.

Michael Cammarata
Michael Cammarata
President and CEO

Michael became President and CEO of Neptune Wellness Solutions in July 2019. Michael is the founder of Random Occurrence, a venture capital and private equity firm. He invested in and cofounded Schmidt’s Naturals, one of the world’s fastest growing wellness brands, leading it from fledgling start-up to acquisition in 2017 by Unilever and onto record breaking growth in 2018. He remained CEO of Schmidt’s Naturals until June 2019, leading its rapid expansion into new and innovative products, retailers and global markets.

Michael is a new breed of unconventional CEO with a personal mission to invest and scale companies globally that will make sustainable innovation and modern wellness solutions accessible to the world. He believes that natural products are the future and that every person deserves natural products that work and minimize their harm to people, the planet and animals.

Through all his investments, Michael is looking toward future technologies, including AI and machine learning to create stronger connections and personalized products for customers. He is a passionate advocate for plant-based solutions a leader for sustainability and has pushed for an end to animal testing in cosmetics. Raised in New York, Michael’s dyslexia made school challenging, but that perspective allowed him to identify opportunities others missed. He became a technology and marketing wunderkind by his mid-teens. He rapidly gained a reputation as an innovative entrepreneur, creating $85 million in revenue by his twenties.

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Dr. Ronald Denis
Dr. Ronald Denis

Dr. Ronald Denis is Chief of Surgery and Director of the Trauma Program at Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur and Centre intégré universitaire de santé et des services sociaux in Montreal. Dr. Denis is also the Medical Co-Director of the Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix. Dr. Denis sits on several scientific boards and management committees.

Rick Schottenfeld

Mr. Schottenfeld is the founder and Chairman of Schottenfeld Group Holding, the parent company of Koyote Capital, a proprietary trading firm in New York City. He has also served as the general partner of Schottenfeld Associates and the Schottenfeld Opportunity Fund. Mr. Schottenfeld is a graduate of Franklin & Marshall College with degrees in both economics and government and is a frequent guest on CNBC and other business news programs.

Joseph Buaron

Mr. Buaron is Co-founder and CTO of goPeer, Canada’s first regulated consumer peer-to-peer lender, he additionally serves as Chief Strategy Officer to Loti Wellness Inc., a Canadian self-care consumer brand. Prior, Mr. Buaron served as CTO to Unilever’s, Schmidt’s Naturals, where he led the technology, AI, digital marketing and consumer support divisions through transition from start-up to enterprise, and subsequently through the acquisition by Unilever, and the integration that followed.

Mr. Buaron is a seasoned CTO with over two-decades related experience as an entrepreneur, investor, programmer, solutions architect, and DevOps engineer. His passion for technology reflects his recognition for the tremendous impact it has on our lives and its potential for creating a better tomorrow. Immersed in technology, Mr. Buaron strives to provide vision, leadership, form relationships, and eliminate barriers to allow the brightest minds to flourish.

Michael de Geus

Mr. de Geus is a highly accomplished security executive with domestic and international cyber
investigative and physical security experience. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of
Leatherback Gear, LLC., a producer of bullet proof backpacks. He also served as a Special Agent in federal
law enforcement with the Department of Homeland Security and has served on various assignments both
physically and with cyber security since 2008. Previously, he served as the Director of Sales at Koro Sun
Report in the Fiji Islands and as a consultant for MD Consulting, working on various projects from
developing branding and new store layouts to helping with various start-up companies. Mr. de Geus is a
Ph.D. Candidate in Public Policy specializing in Homeland Security at Walden University, holds a Master of
Science in International Relations from the Troy State University and holds a Bachelor of Science in
Criminal Justice from California State University Fullerton.

Frank Rochon
Frank Rochon

Mr. Rochon has built a distinguished career over the past 30 years, serving in numerous key leadership positions with the past 20 years at Deloitte Canada. He most recently served as Vice Chairman and Managing Partner of Clients and Industries leading Deloitte Canada’s client and market portfolio, overseeing the firm’s most significant client relationships and opportunities. Mr. Rochon is widely sought after for his business insights and hands-on experience in all aspects of professional services within the Canadian business landscape. At Deloitte, he served in many roles such as Regional Managing Partner roles and also as Deloitte Canada M&A Executive Leader. In addition, Mr. Rochon served on the Deloitte Global executive leadership and the Canadian Board of Directors. Mr. Rochon holds a degree in Business from the University of Ottawa.

Jane Pemberton

Ms. Pemberton is a growth driven, brand loving, digital first executive with over 25 years of experience building and investing in highly profitable business with a focus on “good for you” businesses around the world. Ms. Pemberton is currently the Operating Advisor at North Castle Partners, a leading private equity firm focused exclusively in the Health, Wellness & Active Living Sector. Prior to North Castle Partners, she served in multiple leadership roles at Gaiam, The Mommy & Me Company, Fox Filmed Entertainment and The Walt Disney Company. Ms. Pemberton currently serves on the Board of Directors for ProSupps USA and The Escape Game.