We produce high-quality products derived from industrial hemp that is grown exclusively in the U.S.

We are involved in every part of the process of making our own finished products, from working with farmers during the growth cycle to processing, formulating, testing, packaging and distributing a consumer-ready product to our customers.

Our products are strictly available to consumers in the U.S.


Forest Remedies offers a wholesale discount off the retail price of our products.

Our products include:

  • 30 mL oils in mint, cinnamon and natural flavours at 250 mg, 500 mg, 1,000 mg, 1,500 mg and 2,000 mg strengths
  • 1/2 oz. balm sticks in mint, cinnamon and natural flavours at 500 mg strength
  • Softgels come in bottles of 30 or 60 at 30 mg strength per softgel.
  • Massage oil comes in a 2 oz. bottle at 100 mg and 4 oz. bottle at 200 mg.
  • Lip balms in lavender lime, strawberry cream and natural flavours in 0.15 oz. tubes at 20 mg strength
  • Natural-flavour pet soother in a 30 mL oil at 250 mg strength

Please contact our sales team for more details.

These products are strictly available for wholesale opportunities in the U.S.

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