World Oceans Day: Supporting Conservation of Marine Habitats

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Since 2002, The Ocean Project has led World Oceans Day: a global conservation effort focused on keeping the world’s oceans healthy — and in turn — keeping the planet healthy.  As providers of marine and seed-based dietary supplements, Neptune shares this concern for conserving the world’s oceans and ecosystems which both houses some of our most cherished natural resources.


Neptune Helps to Safeguard Marine Life

Neptune’s portfolio now includes a wider set of high-quality complementary marine oils and innovative ingredients which are easily customizable for our customer’s needs. We take pride in sourcing from sustainable fisheries that uphold strict regulations to preserve the repopulation cycles of the fish they harvest. Fisheries also must have minimal impact on critical wetlands, exclude growth chemicals, and exercise responsibility with activities that can have a negative impact on the environment.  As such, many of our marine oil ingredients are aligned with the non-profit conservation group “Friend of the Sea,” and carry their honorable FOS certification.


Why Marine Oils?

On World Oceans Day, we celebrate marine life and all that we gain from it, especially the health benefits. Marine oils are a most generous source of essential Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, linked through research to the health of our joints, hearts, brains, skin and more. Neptune also offers non-fish alternative sources of these valuable nutrients such as Flax-seed oil, Chia-seed oil, and Camelina oil which are an excellent choice for people who cannot or do not consume fish.


Preserving Our Ocean’s Resources

Our purpose at Neptune is to share healthful products with the world, and will do our part to ensure that these rich resources remain just as available for future generations. We are grateful to The Ocean Project, both for helping to protect the ocean’s bounty and for supporting the health of our oceans.