Nutritional Emulsions

A unique and patented emulsification process that delivers a novel delivery format.

Nutritional Emulsions

Our emulsions are a great solution for  consumers who experience pill fatigue.

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Key benefits

  • Natural ingredients only
  • Sugar-free options available
  • Pasteurized to ensure no microbial growth and good stability
  • Supports the uptake of fatty acids [1]
  • Non-dairy
  • Patented natural preservation system: no sorbic acid required[2]
  • Low moisture shelf-stable solutions: 18 months shelf-life at ambient storage, best under refrigerated conditions.
  • Manufactured in USA – Available in 8 and 16 oz PET bottles

[1] Raatz SK, Redmon JB, Wimmergren N, Donadio JV, Bibus DM. Enhanced absorption of omega-3 fatty acids from emulsified compared with encapsulated oil. J Am Diet Assoc. 2009, 109(6): 1076-1081.

[2] Sorbic Acid is often used in emulsions as a preservative and is on the Whole Foods Market banned list.

Multiple natural flavors available

Available ingredients



  • Fish oils providing EPA and DHA:
    • 18-12TG,
    • 300-200 TG & EE,
    • 400-200 TG & EE & 500-200 TG & EE,
    • 100-400 EE,
    • 10-50 TG
  • Seed oils: Camelina oil (30%ALA) and Flax seed oil (55%ALA)
  • Algae oil: (35% DHA)


  • GLA: Borage oil (20%GLA), Evening Primrose oil (10%GLA)
  • CLA: Safflower oil (80%CLA-TG)



  • Oleic Acid: Olive (55%OA), Sunflower oils (75%OA)


Medium Chain Triglycerides

  • C8 & C10 from Coconut oil (91%C8+C10)


Available for a variety of other active ingredients

  • Protein,
  • Probiotics,
  • Antioxidants,
  • CoQ10,
  • Lutein,
  • Astaxanthin