Made in North America with 100% natural flavors, colors and sweeteners, our chewables softgels pack a large amount of actives.


Our chewables are a healthier, sugar-free alternative to gummies that are a great delivery format for children, elders or anyone suffering from pill fatigue.


They are available in many natural flavors:

Available Ingredients:


Fish source (EPA-DHA): 18-12TG, 300-200 TG & EE, 400-200 TG & EE & 500-200 TG & EE, 100-400 EE, 10-50 TG

Seed source: Camelina oil (30% ALA-TG) and Flax seed oil (55% ALA-TG)

Algae oil: 35% DHA TG



GLA: Borage oil (20%GLA-TG), Evening Primrose oil (10%GLA-TG)


Other compatible ingredients

Lutein, CoQ10, Astaxanthin, Vitamins A, D3, K2 and E