MaxSimil® technology helps increase digestion and absorption of fat soluble nutritional ingredients.

Mimicking the Natural Human Digestive Process

During digestion, fats are typically broken down into smaller components for absorption, through a process of natural emulsification that occurs via bile acids and lipolytic enzymes. MaxSimil oils bypass this process by providing readily absorbable forms that can be directly assimilated in the intestinal track. The process uses the same enzymes that our bodies  use to digest fats, therefore it mimics that natural human digestive system.

Clinical Evidence

Preclinical studies validated by a human double-blind cross-over clinical study showed that MaxSimil® Monoglyceride-rich Omega-3 Fish Oils were more than 3X better absorbed when compared to regular fish oils.[1]


Key benefits

  • Greater absorption
  • 3 times smaller dose for same delivery of EPA+DHA when compared to EE [1][2]
  • No additional ingredients/excipients required for enhanced benefits!
  • Softgel and liquid friendly!




[1] Unpublished double-blind crossover pharmacokinetic clinical study comparing absorption of EPA+DHA in blood plasma between a regular ethyl ester (EE) fish oil and MaxSimil® enhanced fish oil.

[2] These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.