The importance of Branded Ingredients



In an increasingly competitive supplement industry, the role of branded ingredients to stand out from competitors and gain consumers’ and retailers’ trust and loyalty is getting more and more crucial.


What are Branded Ingredients?
Simply, a branded ingredient is a trademark protected ingredient or blend, but in reality it is more than just a logo and a name. Branded ingredients offer differentiated benefits over their generic counterpart and have a unique identity.


The best branded ingredients have a solid reputation and strong scientific and clinical evidence that is meaningful and relevant for the targeted audience. Suppliers can prove their claims, benefits, efficacy, and quality. They have a story to share with manufacturers, retailers and customers.


What is the added value?
Successful branded ingredients differentiate themselves from commodity products in more than one way. Whether it’s the ingredients’ uniqueness, patents, or regulatory status, it all comes down to quality.


Retailers are not simply looking for premium priced products to put on their shelves – they want innovative products that offer a sustainable competitive advantage that will not only entice consumers but also turn them into repeat purchasers. A branded ingredient on the label guarantees that a premium ingredient is in fact in that bottle on shelf, meaning quality and efficacy for their customers.


Valuable branded ingredients that are backed by clinical evidence can help build and strengthen credibility in the eyes of the consumer. More and more, consumers want to know where their products are coming from. The story told by the supplier of branded ingredients brings trust into the supplement aisle. By communicating amongst each other, suppliers, manufacturer and the users can all benefit from branded ingredients as a differentiating factor that proves a commitment to transparency.

Focus on the partnership

A good supplier will offer premarket concept development, post-market support and everything in between. They can help educate all parties about their product and the research surrounding it. It’s all about the partnership between the branded-ingredient supplier and the supplement marketer, which is ultimately felt by the consumer.


The most successful branded ingredients’ suppliers have a clear focus on consumers’ needs, reliable and traceable sources, and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, and offer multi-dimensional support on R&D and product formulating, marketing and education addressing both retailers and consumers.


We launched our premium branded krill oil, NKO®, in 2003. With original science as a core value, Neptune has conducted clinical studies on NKO® proving its efficacy for a broad range of health benefits.


Utilizing a proprietary extraction process, we successfully developed the world’s first krill oil which has the highest EPA, DHA and astaxanthin levels, the highest fat content and the lowest solvent residue compared to other krill oil ingredients. Neptune has more than 80 patents and patent applications in more than 30 countries worldwide. Our branded ingredient is sold in more than 30 countries worldwide.


Today, its commitment to scientific support continues to shine through its pharmaceutical Acasti Pharma.