Specialty Ingredients and Formulations – Neptune Continues to Expand

Since the launch of Neptune Krill Oil NKO® back in 1998, and the expansion of its rock-solid global supply chain, Neptune has truly become a resource for your wellness solutions. Centered around its core competency in marine omega-3 oils, Neptune now offers a combination of options:

1) branded specialty ingredients that can be incorporated within your products;

2) unbranded, specialty components that now include seed oils, extracts, vitamins and more;

3) turnkey functionality to manufacture your product goals within softgels, liquids, emulsions and powders,

4) consumer brand of its premium krill oil, available for wholesale


See these base components that can be incorporated within your optimal performance blends.


Branded Specialty Ingredients
Premium NKO Original™ (NKO®) Leading premium krill oil on the market. Clinically shown to have superior EPA, DHA and antioxidant Astaxanthin.
NKO Omega+ Proprietary extraction process provides 30% more omega-3 in this high concentration krill oil.
MaxSimil® Novel, patented system provides absorption-ready, pre-digested ingredients for enhanced absorption. Optimum delivery for lipid-based and lipid-soluble nutraceuticals.
Neptune Krill Aquatein™ (NKA™) High quality protein meal for aquaculture feeds and animal nutrition. Includes all eight essential amino acids.

Non-Branded Specialty Ingredients
Marine Oils Both natural grade and concentrated fish oils
Seed Oils Camelina, chia, flax, evening primrose, olive and coconut
Extracts, Vitamins, and more Including (but not limited to) vitamin E, astaxanthin, phospholipids, plant sterols

Branded Krill Oil
OCEANO3 Neptune’s consumer brand OCEANO33 delivers premium NKO® and can be ordered in bulk supply. Find out more details on www.oceano3.com

* All Neptune resources undergo rigorous quality control.


Neptune is truly excited to say that this is just the beginning. Please reach out to a Neptune sales representative for information about other offerings and how we can help bring your wellness solutions to market.