New Neptune image to reflect transition to Nutrition Products Company



With the acquisition of Biodroga back in January 2016, Neptune has had a tremendous year for change and growth. The opportunity to blend two companies with more than 50 years’ combined experience in the industry — one, a local solution provider and the other, a singular krill oil ingredient company – has permitted a larger business concept that can now take these solutions worldwide. Together, these two complementary businesses will now step forward as Neptune “Wellness Solutions,” with a new role for creating turnkey, customized nutrition solutions, superior speciality ingredients, and consumer brands; and a new vision for the future.


Vision: “To provide great nutrition solutions that deliver optimal health and wellness”


Commitment: With a new  corporate descriptor, Neptune is recognizing its commitment to Nature, Science and Wellness for customers, investors and employees, thus the new logo with water droplet and green leaf.



  • Ingredients:
    Providing specialty ingredients, including premium Neptune Krill Oil (NKO®), other marine oils and seed oils, available for sale in bulk
  • Turnkey Solutions:
    Developing product concepts together with customers to formulate innovative finished supplements that are ready for sale under their brand, primarily as softgels, liquids, emulsified and other delivery systems
  • Consumer Brand:
    Offering premium krill oil under the OCEANO3® brand directly to consumers in Canada and the United States through web sales at; Oceano3 brand is also sold in bulk to unbranded distributors.


A New Image and Online Presence

Neptune will drive forward with renewed focus and a new foothold in the industry. Browse through the new site, see our new offerings and inquire as questions arise.