Krill Oil Winning Over Consumers in Omega-3 Market



The global omega-3 ingredient market hit $ 1.8 billion in 2013. North America still holds the largest market share in omega-3 sales, but is followed closely by Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.


Rigorous scientific research and studies clearly demonstrate the health benefits gained with omega-3s, and consumer awareness has expanded as today’s media shines a spotlight on this topic. In fact, omega-3s have probably become the most well researched dietary supplement in history because they have been demonstrated to be critical to so many aspects of human health.


The omega-3 market has become more competitive and complex in recent years, and many manufacturers are looking for added value and good selling points for their products. But concerns about continuing to exploit an already strained resource have many companies and consumers questioning fish oil as a viable and renewable source of omega-3s. Additionally, pollutant risk and unpleasant digestion experiences have consumers seeking alternative sources.


Enter krill!

Krill, tiny crustaceans found in the Antarctic Ocean, is the largest biomass in the world. They are environmentally sustainable, as well as having other unique health benefits. The krill catch for 2013/14 was 3.3% of the strict allowable catch limit instated by the Commission for Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR), the organization that oversees management of this resource. This represents only 0.06% of the total krill biomass.


Krill oil is the smart choice as your omega-3 supplement – but why should you choose Neptune Krill Oil (NKO®)? The reason is in the quality and the science. Neptune uses a proprietary extraction process which maximizes the bioactives, offering higher levels of EPA, DHA and up to 7 times more of the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin than some other krill oil products. . The EPA & DHA in krill oil are mostly carried by phospholipids. They result in improved digestibility, as they prevent the omega-3 from pooling at the top of the stomach which promotes reflux and fish aftertaste, unpleasant side effects that often occur when consuming fish oil.


And of course, NKO® is sustainably-sourced from pure Antarctic Ocean waters.


Consumer demand for quality omega-3 products will continue to grow in our current health-minded marketplace, and Neptune will continue to meet this demand through our current and expanding line of premium krill oil formulations.



About the Author


Jacqueline Khayat Global Sales Director

Serving as Sales Director, Jacqueline Khayat’s role includes expanding distribution for Neptune’s line of products and ingredients. Jackie has extensive and relevant education, earning a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from Montreal University and obtaining a Graduate Degree in Business and Management from renowned HEC Montreal. As a Dietitian, she taps into her extensive knowledge of nutrition to help educate the market about omega-3 krill oil benefits and our line of products including OCEANO3: Neptune’s consumer branded krill oil, exclusively offered through its website in Canada and the US.


Jackie also enjoys  a healthy lifestyle, great food and travelling.  You can follow her on Twitter for daily health related tips: @jkhayat23