Krill Oil Benefits for Bone and Joint Health



How effective is your krill oil supplement? While krill oil products offer health-promoting qualities, not all boast the same concentrations. Plus, most Omega-3 products do not contain astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant. Read on to learn more about the nutrients and innovative new product that supports bone health and joint comfort.


Maintain Bone Health

Vitamin D promotes the healthy development and maintenance of normal bones and teeth by supporting absorption of calcium and phosphorous in the gut. Calcium is an essential building block of bone, but without enough vitamin D, your body cannot effectively absorb this vital nutrient.


Good sources of vitamin D include fortified milks, egg yolks, fatty fish. Daily recommendations of vitamin D and calcium vary depending on age, sex and hormone status.


Minerals also aid in building stronger bones. Strontium helps in the development and maintenance of bones. The antioxidant zinc provides additional support for bone health, plus it supports healthy connective tissue formation.


Support Joint Health & Flexibility

Healthy joints provide mobility, flexibility and stability. Time and activity can push joints to their limits. Gradual loss of cartilage may lead to decreased range of motion.


Consuming certain nutrients is especially important for protecting joint health and flexibility. Choosing a smart supplement can ensure you get these essential nutrients. Krill oil supplements, for instance, are safe for long-term consumption and naturally contain the Omega-3s EPA and DHA. Diets rich in these fatty acids may help maintain healthy joint motion.


Introducing NKO® Flex

Our researchers have created NKO® Flex, a new condition-specific formulation to support bone health and joint comfort.


Not only is NKO® superior to fish oil, but it’s the leader among other krill oil sources. Through our patented extraction process, the health-promoting qualities of krill oil are amplified in our products. NKO® Flex delivers whole health benefits with its high-bioavailability Omega-3 plus added vitamin D, strontium, and zinc. When combined with NKO®, vitamin D demonstrates up to 2x improved digestion.


Also included with our premium formula is the super-antioxidant astaxanthin, which naturally enhances krill oil’s stability and complements the benefits of fatty acids. When compared to other krill oils, NKO® contains up to seven times more of this powerful antioxidant. This provides benefits to the whole body and your joints.


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