IFOS Certification: Gold Standard Omega-3 Labeling


International Fish Oil Standards: IFOS Certification

The IFOS Certification Program is exclusively focused on omega-3 fish oil products.

IFOS was developed in 2004 by Nutrasource Diagnostics Inc., a research organization that provides voluntary, neutral, third-party and non-exclusive measurement for all fish oil finished product, brand manufacturers and raw material suppliers. IFOS product analysis has become a trusted part of fish oil Quality Assurance and Quality Control programs worldwide.


Qualification and Quantification: IFOS Measurement

IFOS takes pride in setting the bar high for purity qualification. Certification standards even exceed internationally recognized levels set by regulatory bodies and key trade organizations, such as the Council for Responsible Nutrition and the World Health Organization.

IFOS specifically tests and measures fish oils for:

  • Potency of omega-3 content (EPA + DHA) compared to label claims
  • Contaminants like PCBs, dioxins, furans, dioxin-like PCBs
  • Heavy metal content including mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium
  • Markers of stability and freshness including peroxide, anisidine, acid value, and total oxidation


The IFOS certification mark is only given to those that meet criteria as an indicator of a premium fish oil product.


In the Name of Transparency

Transparency, traceability and truthful labeling is a growing area of concern for both consumers and regulatory authorities alike. In response to this demand, third party certification programs such as IFOS are becoming increasingly important as they provide a way for industry to publicly demonstrate that their products are safe, pure and of high quality. IFOS has long-standing experience testing fish oil at all points along the supply chain and IFOS is dedicated to serving both the industry and consumers. Certification and labeling helps people identify nutritious and safe supplements, which, in turn, can help you improve your bottom line.


Neptune carefully selects the world’s highest quality sources and tests all fish oils using IFOS. Whether it is a natural triglyceride form or a concentrated omega-3 fish oil, you can be confident that Neptune’s products will be of the utmost quality and sustainably sourced.