Health and Safety at Work: Let’s remember November 8th



On November 8th 2012, our sole plant facility in Sherbrooke, QC, Canada was destroyed. We keep in mind this tragic incident; nevertheless we stay positive as we are facing a bright future. As of now, November 8th will be the official Health and Safety Day at Work for Neptune.


This week, Neptune will promote health and safety through different activities. Workshops on healthy nutrition and healthy habits will be given to the plant’s employees. They will also have the chance to take part in physical activities such as badminton or group walks. Also, workshops on anxiety and post-traumatic stress will be available. Employees will be eligible to win prizes through quizzes and games.


Last June, Neptune announced the opening of our new high-end manufacturing plant. In order to ensure the well-being of employees, we have set up strict security measures at the plant, which is now appointed with ultramodern equipment that will enhance the manufacturing procedure. At the same time, we have opened a state-of-the-art laboratory dedicated to research, product development and internal quality analysis.


A change took place since the last two years in our corporate culture. Working methods and installations have changed, as well as the attitude adopted by everyone. Every day brings a new opportunity to pursue our engagement towards health and security at work. The employees are actively involved in health and safety: they are open-minded and aware that it is everyone’s responsibility. Consciousness and responsibility are two important values for all workers. It is also important to mention that the safety and security procedures at our installation are highly strict for a company of our size.


New employees have joined our team and previous employees came back to work with us. This is a strong statement as who we are as a company. We have a method that highlights training and development. The support of the management team is being felt by employees at the plant: they feel encouraged and supported.


Last September 23rd, we have announced that the second phase was achieved at the production plant in Sherbrooke: the production reached an annual capacity of 100 000 kilograms of krill oil.


We have announced on November 5th that our Sherbrooke facility completed its ramp-up phase and that we were able to reach an annual production capacity of 150 000 metric tons. Our plant was also conceived to allow a doubling of the future production capacity.



About the Author

André Godin
Mr. André Godin, C.P.A. has more than 20 years’ experience in the Biotech/Pharma industry as former president of a dietary supplement company and as a corporate controller for a pharmaceutical company in OTC products. Mr. Godin is currently the acting interim President and Chief Executive Officer.