Cannabis Business

Neptune is working to develop unique extracts and formulations in the legal cannabis wellness field


This new segment fits well with our mission. Given the technical capabilities of our “state-of-the-art” site in Sherbrooke, and the expertise within the entire Neptune team, our quality, regulatory, extraction, and formulation experience position us for success.


Neptune’s vision for this site is to become a global center of excellence for the extraction, purification and formulation of value-added differentiated cannabis products.

Neptune is applying for a licence with Health Canada to produce cannabis oil under the Cannabis Act and its regulations. Neptune’s licence application to produce extracted cannabis oil products is at the late stage review. The company has received a Confirmation of  Readiness letter from Health Canada and has submitted its complete Evidence Package, which is the final step of the application process prior to the issuance of a Standard Processors Licence.


Watch Neptune’s CEO Jim Hamilton on Midas Letter:

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