A Plant-Based Transformation

Plant-based transformation Michael Cammarata

I’ve now been with Neptune Wellness a little more than two months, and in this time, I’ve become more convinced that we are on the edge of a plant-based transformation. Changing consumer preferences, the rapid acceptance of cannabis and a desire for natural products that actually work is going to drive demand for not only cannabis, but all manner of alternative products.

Over the past several years that I’ve worked in wellness solutions, we’ve seen natural deodorant move from a niche product to mass adoption. We changed the perception of natural deodorant using plant-based and healthy ingredients. We heard from consumers that they finally found a product they felt good using on their bodies, that they could use without fear. And consumer adoption increased exponentially.

In other industries, we are seeing innovators create new products that lessen their impact on the environment and are better for people. I’m fascinated by burgers made without cows and meat made from plants. I imagine a healthy soda; a calorie-free beer, toilet paper that protects against bad bacteria and your favorite shampoo and household cleaning products free from dangerous chemicals. I imagine plant-based solutions that help with anxiety and improve our mental health.

And the best part is that many of these solutions are available today or soon will be.

At Neptune Wellness, we are part of this plant-based transformation, changing the way people consume and use cannabis. Our mission at Neptune is to redefine health and wellness through social responsibility, sustainability and innovation for all generations. We will do this by offering high-quality, environmentally friendly, natural alternative products. We will help the brands of today create a future that’s healthy, sustainable, cruelty free and enhances people’s lives.

Our decades of wellness experience have us well positioned to meet this demand. Cannabis is a growing industry and Neptune is leading the way. Our growth plans have us moving closer to the consumer to stay on top of trends and demand. We believe Cannabis will be relevant across categories, including consumption, personal care and home care products. Every CPG company needs to have a cannabis strategy and every cannabis company needs to have a CPG strategy.

I’m fortunate that my personal and professional passions are aligned, and I truly believe this transformation can change the world. Let’s make this not just the year, but the era of, plant based products that improve the lives of consumers.

Michael Cammarata, President & CEO