Licaps, an optimal delivery system for cannabis

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Discreet, customized and simple to consume, Licaps® are an optimal delivery system for cannabis

For cannabis consumers, the ability to dose accurately and effectively is of paramount importance. Among the many delivery options available to consumers, cannabis capsules stand out for their customizable and standardized dosing, ease and discretion of consuming, and portability.

Enter Licaps® two-piece capsules – an advanced dosage form by Lonza, a global leader in the life sciences industry. With an initial annual capacity of up to 200 million capsules, Neptune* has a licensing agreement that allowed us to set up as a large-scale Licaps® manufacturer in the Canadian cannabis sector.

What makes the Licaps® capsule unique is its ability to address a wide array of formulation challenges, which gives it its hallmark flexibility. Other benefits include:

  • A leak-proof and airtight design, offering an odor- and taste-free,
  • Utilizing a high-precision liquid dosing pump, our encapsulation equipment handles a wide range of liquid viscosities
  • The thin shell of the Licaps® capsules optimizes the disintegration of the capsules to promote rapid digestion of the cannabis product.
  • No plasticizers, binders, fillers or preservatives, offering a clean-label
  • Vegetarian or vegan options available
  • Nitrogen bubble inside the capsule prevents oxidation and provides longer shelf life
  • Capsules are easy to swallow, offering a positive customer experience

Neptune’s leading extraction, purification and formulation capabilities, coupled with the benefits of Lonza’s proprietary Licaps® make it the one-stop shop for customers who are seeking value-added differentiated cannabis products.

Licaps® is a registered trademark of Capsugel Belgium NV.

*Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc. is the parent company of the wholly-owned subsidiary and licence holder (Standard Processor) 9354-7537 Québec Inc.