50 years of Wellness Solutions


Neptune was founded in 1998. Initially, our main goal was to bring to market a novel source of omega-3 phospholipids. We accomplished this milestone when we pioneered the krill oil industry with our flagship product, Neptune Krill Oil (NKO®) in 2003. Utilizing a proprietary extraction process, we successfully developed a superior marine Omega-3 product.


On January 7, 2016, Neptune announced its acquisition of Montreal-based, privately held Biodroga. Biodroga is a leading turnkey solution provider of Omega-3s and other functional ingredients to branded marketers in the nutraceutical industry. Their customized product offerings include primarily Omega-3s, along with other essential nutritional ingredients used in specialty formulations.


In July 2016, Neptune unveiled its new positioning and corporate identity, Neptune Wellness Solutions, which incorporates both companies and adds up to close to 50 years of experience in wellness solutions.


In August 2017, Neptune exits bulk krill oil manufacturing by announcing that they have concluded an agreement with Aker BioMarine. As an innovator in the krill oil omega-3 phospholipid market, Neptune continues to be committed to this segment. The company will continue to offer krill oil in softgels via its solutions business in collaboration with Aker.


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